love hotel,Tsurumi,Kawasaki,Yokohama



We hope to have several housekeepers clean each room together.
Inexperienced workers are welcome as this is a job done by helping and cooperating with each other!

Recruitment Details

Job TypeHousekeeping
Wage1000 yen / hour
LocationIchibafujimicho 9-6, Tsurumi, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Working Hours9:00~17:00
★We welcome those who are available on weekends and holidays
※Twice a week~Available for discussion
※We also welcome those who are only available on weekends and holidays
Certification・ExperienceInexperienced are welcome
CompensationTransportation Fee (12,000 yen / month)
Note◇◆We are looking for both housekeepers (and full-time workers)
・Job details: hotel cleaning
・Wage: Monthly Salary 220,000 yen
・Time: 17:00~9:00 (next morning) ※nap breaks included
・Certification: Inexperienced are welcome
・Holiday / Work: 13 days a month fixed
・Compensation: Transportation Fee (12,000 yen / month), paid vacations available

Apply Here

Please kindly apply through phone (045-503-2149) or fill out the application down below.